424 Page Corvette Book, Previously Unpublished Photos,
Over 500 Photos! If you are a lifelong Corvette fan,
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Corvette Racing Legends gives you the story of how the Corvette began its humble racing career with a small block Chevrolet engine back in 1956, and how it progressed through the Corvette SS, Sting Ray racer, the Z06 Sting Ray and the Grand Sport prototypes. These Corvettes would eventually lead to the release of the L-88 competition engine option and its required option package, which would power the Corvette to many International victories. These wins came as quickly as the L-88 was introduced and they continued for over 12 years of racing.

The L-88 option package for the Corvette was the result of years of developmental work which resulted in a factory racing option package that could be ordered from Chevrolet in a brand new Corvette. The L-88 option was only available for three brief model years from 1967 through 1969.
The L-88 Corvette was so potent, that it could not only allow the new owner or driver to win a race in local competition, but it also could propel a properly prepared Corvette to stunning finishing positions in world class International races, such as the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Daytona. These racing victories with the L-88 option package, made the Corvette an overnight hit. The L-88 nomenclature became synonymous with Corvettes and with champions. Although only 216 L-88 Corvettes rolled off the St. Louis Corvette Plant assembly line during these three model years, several of them were driven directly from the factory to garages for immediate race preparations. Most of the race prepared L-88 Corvettes that competed on tracks in the United States and Europe are featured in this book, and so are the predecessors that led up to the creation of the L-88 factory racing option.

These are the Corvettes that started the legend.

Corvette Racing Legends is a 424 page hardbound book which emphasizes the development and success of the big block L-88 Chevrolet Corvette.

Corvette Racing Legends not only tells the story of the racing side of the Corvette, but it also tells the real story of the Corvette, how and why it was developed, how it turned into a world class sports car, and who did it. This book is a must for all Corvette owners and enthusiasts alike.

Corvette Racing Legends contains over 500 color and black and white photos, most of which have never been published before. These rare photos have been obtained from the archives of collectors and enthusiasts who photographed these fantastic L-88 Corvettes at the tracks when these Corvettes originally raced.

Original photos from tracks such as Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans,
Watkins Glen, Riverside, Road Atlanta and others will be found here.

All of the photos contained within Corvette Racing Legends are original photos from the '50s, '60s, and '70s!!

There are no photos from modern or current vintage racing
events within this book.


Top professional drivers and talented amateurs drove these Corvettes to victories in some of the world’s most challenging races. The author, brings these events to life with carefully selected photographs and well researched narratives to create this beautiful Corvette racing history book.




Here are some sample photos from the book.

The Magazine Supplement is available too!

Never before published photos!

Color Grand Sport Photos

Well Researched

Rare Photographs

Guldstrand's Flashlights on the fenders at Daytona: Seeing is believing!

More Color Grand Sport Corvettes

L88 Corvettes

Yenko L88 Corvettes

Rare, Professional, Owens Corning Corvette L88 photos

Detailed L88 Corvette Racing History

John Greenwood ZL1 Corvettes



Greenwood BFG Goodrich Corvettes

Dave Heinz and Bob Johnson Corvette

Rebel Corvette

14 years of research has gone into this Corvette book and all of it
was done by an NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society) member
who started his experience with 427 Corvettes back in 1976!


This is a large and heavy book and it was very expensive for me to create and print it. When it was introduced in 2008, it retailed for $150.00 and I have seen many used copies online for well over $500.00!


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L88 Racing

L88 Corvette Book

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1967 L88 Corvette

1967 L88 Corvettes

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L88 Dr Pete

The Fox crew stopped by several times but did not use all of their footage in their broadcast of the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale.

This sale marks three years in a row that Dr. Pete has been involved with record setting auction sales!

1968 Owens Corning L88 Corvette

I was also listed in the Barrett-Jackson Auction catalog and other media
with this Owens Corning L88 Corvette.

1968 Owens Corning L88 Corvette
Sold for $1.1 Million Dollars
Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2013

I want to bring something to your attention.
My book went global in 2008 and since then many people and
organizations have been using my name and my book
for promotional purposes with their L-88 Corvettes.
I started buying, restoring and selling Corvettes back in the 70s
and this hobby has grown to an unexpected level.

The use of my name and/or any parts of my book are not allowed
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Corvette Racing Legends is proud to announce that it was a partner with The Great Hall at the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show, June 23-26 2011, Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, IL. Click here for hi-res photos of the 2011 Great Hall Inductees.


The L-88 Corvette was the king of all Corvettes for 30 years before
the release of the new Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes.

Don't be fooled by the other Corvette racing books that are incomplete
with their chronology and information.
If you were to only have one Corvette book, this would be the one!

You can now share your enjoyment and enthusiasm for Corvettes with your family with this Corvette book that is loaded with oversize photos that tell
the story of Corvette and of America from the 50s through the 70s!

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Don't forget, most of the photography has never been published before, which will guarantee the reader a new and refreshing perspective of these historic racing Corvettes. Over 500 vivid color and black and white photos document these fantastic racing Corvettes!



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Top professional drivers and talented amateurs drove these Corvettes to victories in some of the world’s most challenging races. All the drivers who drove Corvettes in the high profile races are shown and discussed in this Corvette racing book. Zora Arkus Duntov, John Fitch, Dale Duncan, Walt Hansgen, Max Goldman, Ray Crawford, Dr. Dick Thompson, Piero Taruffi, Paul O'Shea, Pete Lovely, Gaston Andrey, Skip Hudson, Frank Cairns, Bob Bondurant, Andy Porterfield, Bob Kongelbak, Bob Dickson, Briggs Cunningham, William Kimberly, Fred Gamble, Lou Lilley, Bob Grossman, Fred Windridge, Dave McDonald, Jerry Grant, Doug Hooper, Dick Guldstrand, Junior Johnson, Rex White, Billy Krause, Dick Lang, Bob Johnson, Don Yenko, A.J. Foyt, Johnny Allen, Jeff Stevens, Ralph Salyer, Tony Denman, Robert Brown, Ed Cantrell, Delmo Johnson, Dave Morgan, Jim Hurtubise, Roy Kumnick, Ed Lowther, Duncan Black, Don Campbell, Scott Briley, Joe Playan, Roger Penske, Augie Pabst, Jim Hall, John Cannon, Joe Freitas, Hap Sharp, Jack Saunders, George Wintersteen, Alan Sevadjian, Ed Sevadjian, Peter Goetz, Ed Diehl, Ben Moore,  Herb Caplan, Gary Gove, Dave Heinz, Robert Ryan Brown, Joe Welch, Tony DeLorenzo,  John Hill, Rex Ramsey, Scooter Patrick, Davey Jordan, Ed Leslie, Jerry Thompson, Pedro Rodriguez, Bill Morrison, Sylvain Garant, Jean Michel Giorgi, Henri Greder, Umberto Maglioli, Dave Dooley, Gerry Gregory, Jim Harrell,  Robert Esseks, Frank Dominianni, Or Costanzo, Gib Hustader, Ron Weaver, William Morrison, Anthony DeLorenzo, Allan Barker, John Paul, Henry Greder, Reine Wisell, Cliff Gottlob, John Mahler, John Greenwood, Richard Hoffman, David Dooley, Jim Greendyke, Bill Schumacher, Bill Petree, Jean Claude Aubriet, Joseph Bourdon, Jean Pierre Rouget, Fred Kepler, Robert Luebbe, Michael Summers, Dick Smothers, Bob Baechle, Marie Claude Beaumont, Charlie Kemp, Micheal Oleyar, Tony Adamowicz, John Cordts, Oscar Koveleski, Wilbur Pickett, Jerry Hansen, Anthony DeLorenzo, Dave Cormany, Gary Sullivan, Maurice Mo Carter, Ron Grable, Denny Long, Bob McClure, Dana English, Steve Durst, Mike Brockman, J Marshall Robbins, Johnny Rutherford, Vince Muzzin, Carl Shafer, Rick Mancuso, Bernard Darniche, Burt Greenwood, John Cargill, Buzz Fyhrie, Paul DePirro, Greg Pickett, James Mancuso, Eliiot Forbe Robinson, and other drivers and enthusiasts such as Grady Davis from the Gulf Oil Company, John Mecom, James Garner and his AIR L88 Corvettes, Doug Bergen and his L88 Corvettes and even more ZL1 Corvettes.
All the major racing tracks are captured in beautiful color and black and white photography, Sebring, Watkins Glen, Daytona, Riverside, Road America at Elkhart Lake, Le Mans, Road Atlanta, and many more SCCA, IMSA, and FIA races are included.  Rare and previously unprinted SCCA ARRC Runoffs, 24 hour races at Daytona and Le Mans, 12 hour races held in Sebring Florida, 6 hour races at Watkins Glen, and more!
The other Corvette books on the market do not have the John Greenwood coverage that Corvette Racing Legends contains. Dozens of BFG ZL1 Corvette photos that have never been published before and in this book for your viewing pleasure.
Owens Corning Corvettes of Tony DeLorenzo and Jerry Thompson are historically documented by dozens of never before published color and black and white photos, which will not be found anywhere else.
Even Don Yenko and his Sunray DX racing L88 Corvettes are included. Yenko's Corvette racing led to his COPO Camaros.